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Men be balding and wear wigs - What does balding and wigs mean for men?

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Nora Ephron once said that height is as important to men as breasts are to women. Art Cooper, editor of American magazine, disagrees: "I think baldness is the most important thing. Nothing is more important to men than hair. No one wants to be bald. No one imagines Sean Connery unless he has other honors.

Men be balding and wear wigs What does balding and wigs mean for men

In 1986, more than 6% of men searched for hair problems on search engines last year, although some of them were used to search for trends in men's braids.

No one wants to be bald. This association is always negative. According to data from a survey, people voted for first impressions by giving pictures of different men, and balding people were associated with unfriendly, ugly and bad temper. Another survey from 21 to 35 years of age in the United States showed that 65% of people felt that bald people lacked masculinity, 77% felt that they lacked sexual attraction and 75% thought they were not so smart, even older than their current age.

"The more hair you lose, the more money you need to throw to a psychiatrist." Psychologist Thomas Cash says in Kerry Segrave's book. His own research shows that balding gives people a bad first impression, worse athletic ability, less self-control, and even less social appeal. It's harder to succeed in personal life or career than people with dense hair. There are also surveys that rank hair density as equally important as the self-confidence associated with male genital size.

Most CEOs have thick hair. Winston Churchill was the last British prime minister with a clear tendency to wither, and the United States has not elected a president with a wither for nearly 60 years. Apart from Michael Stipe, who had thick hair when he was hot, it's hard to tell a bald rock star. It seems that balding people will develop better in movies, but often in negative roles. Sean Connery, a balding avant-garde actor, once asked if he could get a wig in his last Bond movie, and gave him no answer.

Strangely, 25% of men begin to lose their hair at the age of 25. By the time they were fifty, half of the men were losing their hair. At the age of sixty, that number will rise to 75%. The experience of hair loss at the age of 20 will make you sigh when you look in the mirror in the shower. Men always say they are upset or scared when they see hair loss. Maybe no one can skip this. Even if you go out wearing a hat, it looks like a bald man wearing a hat to cover something up.

Women can always talk to each other about other's artificial nails, hair styling, skin care, teeth whitening, cups, high-heeled shoes makeup technology, etc. But for men, Men be balding and wear wigs, it's hard to talk about the new wig on their head. "It's a long-standing problem, and male self-esteem has always been a weakness," says Mark Simpson, a writer and journalist who focuses on male orientation. "When it comes to male weaknesses, whether in hair or sexual ability, we all like to snicker. It's the best chance to make some jokes and make some nasty remarks."

Simpson is delighted to call himself a "bald" person, suggesting that bald heads become male in the least influential way. "It becomes a very direct way to express a man himself, to show that he is balding and to turn it into a fashion. Let it become an attitude. Homosexual culture and youth culture converged in the 1980s, but Bruce Willis made a great contribution to this.

In the eighteenth century, people tried to cover up their hair problems. King Louis of France began to bald at the age of 27 when he was fourteen years old, and then hired 48 wig makers to serve him. Since then, wearing wigs has become a trend, all men will wear wigs when they go out.

Men be balding and wear wigs In the mid-1950s, a Hollywood survey showed that about 10% of men over 35 wore wigs. In today's Hollywood Museum, wigs that once belonged to major celebrities are also placed in the window. There will also be barbers working exclusively for bald men in New York. By 1970, 2.5 million men in the United States were wearing wigs.

Compared with the constant mention in the past, the fact that wigs are more convenient and of better quality may be the reason why they become "quiet".

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