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China's wig industry under the epidemic: overseas buyers scrambling to stock up in advance

  • Friday, 24 April 2020
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During the outbreak, wigs unexpectedly became a hot commodity for export e-commerce. Overseas buyers were worried that the supply of wigs could not be guaranteed under the epidemic situation, so they began to rush to buy and stock up more than a month ago, but in fact, Chinese businesses had been prepared. Rebecca, a fashion brand of wigs, has been fully stocked in accordance with the "double 11" level since the beginning of this year. In the super brand day of Alibaba's global express, it has completed 65% of the total Gmv of last year's double 11 in just over 20 hours, and the order volume has also reached the level of last year's double 11.
China's wig has always been one of the most popular products among overseas consumers on the express platform. Data shows that every day, millions of active buyers from Europe, America, Africa and other regions all over the world come to visit the wig products. On the average, one wig is bought every two seconds on the express. The annual sales of wig products are up to billions of yuan.
This is the first time for wigs to take part in the super brand day activity of Fast Retailing. Nine brands of Rebecca, a fashion wig brand, have joined the battle together, including four chemical fiber hair brands and five personal hair brands, covering the needs of different consumer groups in Europe, the United States, Africa and other countries and regions.
"We have prepared 50000 sets of goods for the fast selling super product day, worth US $1.5 million, which is equivalent to the stock volume of double 11." Lu Yan, Rebecca's e-commerce director, said that the main products promoted this time are cost-effective products, such as lace chemical fiber headgear with a unit price of about $30, and human hair products with a unit price of about $40.
"The number of chemical fiber hair accounts for 85% of the daily commodities of this super product." Wang Sumin, the global express wig industry operator, said that from the sales situation, the chemical fiber hair with a unit price of $30-35 has a wide range of customer groups. In addition to the "just need", the buyer's demand for fashion styles is also rising.
As the warm-up of super product day, speedsell and Rebecca planned the color my day social activity, inviting 5 French online fans to interact with each other. The winning fans can get 12 wigs of different styles provided by Rebecca, and can "change their hair on the moon".
Sufficient supply of goods will not be affected by the epidemic, and overseas warehouses will be increased as soon as possible
More than a month ago, when the domestic epidemic was severe, the wig products on the express platform were very popular. Because of the fear of the impact of China's epidemic on the supply, overseas buyers rushed to buy and store goods in advance.
"There's no need to worry about that at all." Wang Sumin said. According to her introduction, relying on the mature supply chain capabilities of the express platform and brand businesses, the supply of raw materials for wigs and the production of goods were relatively stable during the epidemic, and the supply of goods was basically not affected.
Rebecca (Rebecca) had prepared the super day goods years ago, Lu said. From the second day of the year, the factory began to prepare various anti epidemic materials such as masks and disinfectants for the resumption of work. At present, the factory's return to work rate has exceeded 98%, which can fully guarantee the supply of goods.
On the other hand, mature supply chain becomes the key to ensure the supply during the epidemic. "In terms of raw materials, chemical fiber raw materials are produced by our own manufacturers, and the reserves of human hair are sufficient, so there is no problem to meet the production demand." Lu Yan said.
During the epidemic, the logistics is difficult, and how long the goods can be received after placing an order is a very concerned issue for global consumers. Rebecca products cover consumers in more than 150 countries and regions, with outstanding sales performance in the United States, France and South Africa. In order to bring customers a better experience, Rebecca has prepared 30% of its products to overseas warehouses in the United States, France and South Africa in advance. Based on the "x-day-up" service provided by fastseller for overseas warehouse sellers, buyers in these countries can receive the goods as soon as the day after placing the order.

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